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ORIGINAL Productions

All Captain Grelf wanted was
a nice planet to blow up

"Destroy the Humans!" is an original co-production with Encirco Studios. Our Grelf & K.R.L. short "Hello Instantgram" was screened by The Jim Henson Foundation at the 2018 BAM Puppets On Film festival in Brooklyn, NY.

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From the mind of disgraced novelist Aleister Griddle comes Suspenseful Shadows, an independently produced horror/sci-fi/comedy podcast featuring full casts and original scores.

Episode 1: The Granny Factory

A grieving family accepts an offer from Lazarus, Inc. to resurrect their deceased
grandma in the form of a stainless robot. 

Episode 2: Children of a Lesser Elder God

A telegram about a lost city sends Professor Michaels sailing into the arms of a former colleague, and tentacles of an angry Antarctic god.

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